What is a Mainsail Lawyer?


We’ve all seen the rise of peer review-based lawyer accolades declaring lawyers super, elite, or the best. While I’ve enjoyed the benefit of some of the flattering labels, and know many deserving attorneys who’ve been appropriately recognized, I often ask myself a more fundamental question:

Even assuming a lawyer is one of our profession’s rock star legal elites, can they give their all and do their best if they practice within a law firm model that mandates unreasonably high billable hours or that diverts the majority of ever increasing hourly rates to the law firm rather than the lawyer?

This is one of the questions that drives me as founder of Mainsail Lawyers. It’s the question that drives me daily in my persistent effort to create an entirely new kind of law firm, where your go-to lawyer can potentially work less, make more, and still serve clients better.

When I start the conversation with any prospective lawyer, the conversation always begins with the same question:

“What is your ideal practice, both in terms of the type of work performed and the quantity of hours worked?”

I ask because if we can answer that one question right, I believe we’re much more likely to become a law firm comprised of your go-to lawyers giving their best.

If you know a Mainsail Lawyer, let us know.