Business Litigation Boutique

Think salt of the earth trial lawyers; then imagine “Think Tank.”

Whether it’s a group of high-level executives raiding your key employees and running off with mission-critical trade secrets, or a zoning change that’s gutted the very purpose of your substantial investment, or allegations of sexual harassment against one of your highest value C-level employees, or a franchisor trying to squeeze you out of your market, or a competitor infringing on your trademark to gain an unfair competitive advantage, or someone tortiously interfering with your business relationships or opportunities, or just an everyday obstacle to your business goals, Mainsail Lawyers is ready for the job.

The lawyers in our network – every single one -have substantial in-court trial experience. While we prepare as if every litigation matter will be tried to verdict, we are sensible about it and match the problem to the solution to serve you better.

At its core, Mainsail Lawyers is a business litigation boutique law firm established to offer a better value proposition to business clients.

Examples of our business litigation practice areas include the following:

  • Labor & Employment Law
  • Employee Defection, Non-compete, and Trade Secret Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Deal-Related and Partnership Disputes
  • Competitor, Customer, and Unfair Competition Disputes
  • Zoning and Land Use Disputes
  • Commercial Litigation