Mainsail Lawyers Is Launched


On March 1, Mainsail Lawyers opened its doors!  Created in part in response to the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Value Based Challenge, Mainsail Lawyers aims to be an entirely new kind of law firm.

Open to value-based billing, we understand transitioning away from hourly billing is a process that requires trust and the combined effort of both Client and Firm to better align interests.  Regardless of your preferred billing method, we believe that building our firm on a foundation of best practices could benefit you.

We’ve invested time setting up our firm and adopting the latest in proven technologies to minimize pass through expenses and to maximize efficiency.

Likewise, we believe that our growing and geographically expansive partner-level lawyer network offers advantages.  For example, our lawyers, every single one of them, are experienced partner-level lawyers.  Experience helps with efficiency, and it also provides a basis for projecting reasonable contingencies of each matter.

We do not rely on heavily leveraged partner-associate arrangements. We believe that eliminating the heavy leveraging of partners to associates helps to minimize the “billable moments” created by internal re-communication of case related information and multi-person work product revisions that tend to balloon legal bills.

Additionally, our lawyers have chosen to eliminate some of the costly overhead associated with large law firms. Instead, our network lawyers operate independent solo or small boutique law firms but are available to offer their big firm experience through specific engagement with Mainsail Lawyers in response to client or project specific needs, a difference in approach we believe allows greater flexibility to find legal solutions that make good business sense.

If our approach to transforming the practice of law aligns with your business goals, we invite you to contact us to explore whether we can match one of our lawyers with your specific business needs.